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Hello, I’m Williams Yee. I’m a BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) and MIS (Master of Information Systems) graduate in one of the universities in Malaysia and thanks for checking out my blog. I'm working as Software Tester in one of the big company in Global. I love iOS games, software testing, IT gadgets, and photography.
I write My Part Time Space (mypartimespace.blogspot.com) to review my favorite iOS games that I recently play and my all times favorite iOS games. My favourite genre are tower defence, endless running, match 3 puzzle, and city building. I also love those games with pixel arts, Pokemon theme iOS games (my favourite childhood game in gameboy!)

I started into iOS games when i bought myself iPhone 3GS back then, i'm used to PC gamers and iOS games back then were like starting to become into main stream and i was like "Ok, why not just try new trend in iOS". After few months i felt i really like spend time playing games on my phone compared to my PC and at the same time i also interested into beta testing iOS games.

I started iOS beta testing since 2011 till now and you notice there were not many iOS games i beta test simply because i carefully choose games that really interested me after go through developer video teaser and some screenshots in forum. I want to beta test those games that are really interested me so it keep me playing the game and find some bugs. I also provides constructive feedback to developers on improving their game and we had some discussion over the email. I felt so touched and happy when I received rewards either monetary or credit from them. This really motivates me to continue beta test.

After few months of beta testing, i was wondering since i spent some much time on iOS games/ beta testing, it would be great to setup a blog to write some reviews. Previously i was in Tumblr and Wordpress before start another blog in blogspot. I just want to try out which blogging platform suitable for me. So this is my story of having this blog.

I usually hang around TouchArcade Forum
To contact me, please email mypartimespace@gmail.com

More information about me: about.me/williamsyee 

Beta Testing Profile

Beta test experiences: June 2011 – present
Beta Test iDevice: iPhone 6 Plus + iOS 9.3.2 , iPad Air iOS 9.3.2
List of my Beta Tested iOS Games:
  1. Crazy Cow- KTH @CrazyCow2011
  2. Pirate Gunner- Black Pearl Games Limited @BlackPearlGames
  3. Hospital Havoc 2- Bitwise Design @bitwisedesign
  4. Drag On-Moving Star @MovingPlayer
  5. Bad Bugs on Fire- Dan Themikman @BadBugsGame
  6. Big Sticky- Big Bad Brush @BigBadBrush
  7. Run Fox Run- @runfoxruniphone
  8. Hex Empire-
  9. Chimpanzee Catastrophe- @UndergroundPixl
  10. My Love Life App – @MyLoveLifeApp
  11. Pixel Fighters Chapter 2- @pixelfightersgm
  12. Ikaro Racing HD – @Nuoxygen
  13. Simple Racing – @Nuoxygen
  14. Magical Formula -@Nuoxygen
  15. Distant Star- @BlazingGriffin
  16. Fara – @PixelandTexel
  17. RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion – @witchinghourSG
  18. Don’t Run With A Plasma Sword – @Xperimentalz
  19. MageMaze 
  20. SuperPower – IPanda Lab
  21. Kodo – @PLGND
  22. CrazyBill – @ivanovichGames
  23. Terminal Escape – @Opsive
  24. Fire Busters – @HOTDOG_games
  25. FishComing
  26. Imps in Tokyo
  27. Whip Swing
  28. Polyforge
  29. Go Go Fast
  30. Tiny Bomber
  31. Disco Dave
  32. Terra Monster 3


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